Start off. Like a newborn baby…

Born again 2A brand new day. My first step into the domain of English speaking people on the internet. A bit strange. In this way I feel like a traveller, truely a cultural fellow man, but not a Soul Seeker. Oh no! Not again! Imagination is my home, exploiting genius of language*, and I’m sure a certain number of new readers will be interested in the writings up to come.

Oh irony, what is under my control and what is fate in the face of faith?

*¬†‘genius of language‘: eBook, The Genius of Language – Observations for Teachers (six lectures). Free download. Published by Steiner Books. Copyright Anthroposophic Press, 1995. Translated by Gertrude Teutsch and Ruth Pusch.

Sound recording
Genius of language by Rudolf Steiner – Audio

The Beatles – Paperback writer


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